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The job market is exceptionally tough and competitive at the moment – and will remain so for a long time, especially after COVID-19.

In good times there are precious few opportunities available for people to secure a job for life. In hardening markets opportunities for this reduce sharply. Even securing a mixture of part-time or short-term contract positions is an increasingly tough ask – especially if the job-seeker is older rather than younger. And all the while the pressure on family life builds.

For those with backgrounds needing to paper-over pasts involving poor choices – or for those who find it difficult to transform previous work experience into a successful job application – the challenge to become an employee can be daunting.

Meanwhile those for whom securing employment is an impossibility only have one option left to them if they do not want to rely upon benefits forever. They must rely upon themselves to plough their own furrows.

We exist to help people decouple from their pasts and navigate a route to economic independence through self-employment.

We want ex-offenders to become good neighbours