Funding Panel

Anyone who has passed through the criminal justice system knows that it is a tough ride afterwards applying for loans or grants from traditional funding sources. Therefore:

if you are a private individual, a commercial organisation with a CSR agenda, or a financial loan or grant fund provider

if you are minded to provide funding to businesses started by people transitioning away from the criminal justice system, who are now moving to turn their lives … and the lives of their families … around

then please contact us by email quoting “XGSET/BASE Funding Offer” so that we can match your support with XGSET/BASE Programme participants who could benefit from external funding and are about to launch new businesses.

In your initial email please indicate:
– the maximum/minimum £ values of your offer
– the type of funding that you are offering (e.g. secured/unsecured)
– the minimum qualification criteria that you could consider
– your contact coordinates

We will then get back in touch with you, either to discuss specific potential support needs, or to obtain your permission to include your name on a panel of potential fund providers that future XGSET/BASE Programme participants could potentially call upon if required.

Alternatively use our secure online message link below, providing the same information, quoting “XGSET/BASE Funding Offer” in the Subject line:

    Thank you.