Prison voices

…. I’m feeling positive, the world just needs to let me get on now – had enough of it ….

BBC Three – Tagged – Life on Lockdown

…. I don’t want to do s@#t, I am better than that ….

BBC Radio Four

…. With this offence it just seems to be that no one wants to give me a job, no one wants to give you anything to look up to, look forward to, you know. And that’s what I need, I need to be in a good positive mentality of people giving me a chance ….

Edinburgh Napier Univ., Pathways to offending in the ex-Service community

…. I need to move away from poisonous friendships and relationships that always pollute with negativity or narcs …..

BBC Three – Tagged – Life on Lockdown

…. [Last time] I had to go hide that I was a criminal and when I got caught out I lost my job and I don’t want to go down that path again. I want to go somewhere that accepts ex-offenders ….

Barnado’s/FiMT Veterans in Custody, their Families and Children

Q: Do prisoners have the chance to develop their talents and interests, for example through education, training or employment?

A: …. Yes but limited due to what is known as distance to the gate …. it’s back to those same things, opportunity, hope and safety. Once there are opportunities for you to learn stuff and do stuff, you will gain hope … if you do that course and you do it well, it creates a thousand different hopes in your mind because you’ve just done something you know that (you) can take this outside and I can actually do this. You’ve given yourself something to work towards, look at, even to dream about and aspire to ….

Prison Service Journal

Q: Do families have a role in building a more rehabilitative culture?

A: Yes definitely 100%. families as a whole, they are always going to be a stabilising factor. People might say your family is a bad influence because they are criminal, but it doesn’t matter. You love your family anyway. They are always going to be a stabilising influence even it it’s only for that little piece of it. That’s all you’ve got ….

Prison Service Journal

Q: What is the best way to prepare prisoners for a successful life after release?

A: Show them how to do it, that’s the best way to teach anyone anything, is to show them … if you constantly give examples of good behaviour, sooner or later that should become their behaviour because that’s the best way that we learn … stop herding us, we are not numbers … empower the prisoner as much as possible … if you have a clear idea of what you would like to do when you are released, then your time in prison can be spent preparing for this. Achieving this plan will involve gaining qualifications and experience needed to execute it. Preparation and vision are key into a successful future on release … a positive mind frame towards leading a pro-social life is essential ….

Prison Service Journal